Nolo LLC Services

Nolo is a professional business formation service provider. Although Nolo started as a publishing company, it has since evolved into a leading LLC formation service provider. With over 50 web properties, Nolo provides professional LLC formation services (Paperwork and filing), software, and digital guides. 

If you ever need professional advice, Nolo offers a wealth of attorneys readily available to provide the best advice and assistance.

Nolo’s Unique Features

  • LLC formation and Management: Gain access to Nolos’ LLC formation services. With an easy and user-friendly interface, all you need to do is pick a business name, fill in some details as requested by Nolo; in no time, you’ll get your business up and running.
  • A vast library of Legal content: Nolo features an encyclopedia of legal articles on personal finance, taxes, laws, immigration, wild, trusts & probate, small claims court & lawsuit, social security, retirement, and more! To help educate as well as guide its clients.
  • Dozens of financial Calculators: If you ever need to calculate Mortgage, investment, retirement, and more, feel free to utilize Nolos’ dozens of free calculators available on the Nolo site.
  • DIY approach: Nolo offers a plethora of Do-it-yourself products and services. Easily create and customize legal forms in business, finance, estate planning, real estate, elder care, child care more, with the Nolo software available on the Nolo site. Also, gain access to legal books and guides. And with NoloCloud, you can have access to these legal forms anywhere and anytime you wish.
  • Week-long client support: Nolo offers week-long email support from Mondays to Fridays, 9 am – 5 pm daily. 


How it Works

Nolo provides customized documents such as estate planning forms like Wills, living trust, power of attorney, and so in. They also provide business formation services including LLC formation and Registered Agent Service.

You also have the option to speak with a lawyer via the website’s “Find A Lawyer” feature. You simply give a brief description of your case, the computer matches you with the right lawyer, and you can proceed to hire the attorney.


Nolo offers a lot of DIY products in their store for various prices. Their LLC formation pricing, however, comes in only two packages: the Basic service, and the Express Premiere Service.

  • The Basic Service – $99 + State Fee: the basic service is pretty simple – you get a standard filing and shipping takes about 1 or 2 weeks and you get a customized LLC operating agreement. This is not a bad deal for $99 plus the state fee.
  • Express Premiere Service $299 + State Fee: with this get your standard filing of an LLC operating agreement, and you also get a priority rush filing and shipping, which speeds up your filing process from two weeks to two days.

You also get personalized LLC record kits and seal, with 20 membership certificates, stamped with your company name.

Finally with the express premier service you get an IRS application for your federal tax ID number (EIN) filed for you.